In collaboration with Potato Head, New York City graffiti artist FUTURA2000 has created a sculpture titled ‘Pointman – River Warrior,’ unveiled in Bali Friday, 9 December. Created using waste collected across the island of Bali, Pointman speaks to Potato Head’s ideation that sustainability can be beautiful.  FUTURA2000, a well-known and respected graffiti […]

Nocturne NotesPhil Starke Evening Journey     20 x 24″     Oil     © Phil Starke    In our fascination with how the eye sees, and translates the world around us to our brains, we have found it particularly interesting to study how the eye sees at night. […]

Tattoos! Tattoos! Tattoos! How many times have I mentioned the word “tattoo”? It’s amazing how many people continue to search for tattoos that are well-written. It used to be considered evil to have a tattoo.  1. Behind the Ear Tattoo Let’s start with the basics! Contrary to popular belief, a […]

Polly Watson is a musician, writer, and editor based in New York. Tamio Shiraishi performing at the 67th Avenue station, Queens, NY, October 2, 2021. Photo: NYC Noise/YouTube. 1 TAMIO SHIRAISHI (67th Avenue station, Queens, NY, March 26) The experimental saxophonist will occasionally issue last-minute announcements, via his Instagram, that […]

Glass Collecting for Beginners Hello and welcome! For those interested in glass collecting then we have some advice for you, whether you have money to invest or are looking to collect glass on a budget or even for free! For those of you fortunate enough to have money to invest, […]