Dreamy and soft, the art of Linda Albertini (aka Country Road Atelier) is beaming with homely warmth and a welcoming glow. To make her drawings extra mushy, this Swiss-based illustrator reaches for some Czech fairy tale magic and adds a reviving touch of Finnish nature. It’s easy – they all […]

Wintertime Artwork Camp (Ages 6–8): Artwork & Ecology scastillo Mon, 10/24/2022 – 17:16 In this blended media course, choose inspiration from artists on see who appreciate nature and want to secure the setting. You are going to sculpt, paint, and draw with artist Beatriz Jaramillo. This software will acquire position […]

Self-portrait (1890) The focus of my blog today is to look at the life and work of the nineteenth century Austrian painter Rudolph Ritter von Alt.  The word “Ritter”is used as a title of nobility in German-speaking areas.  It translates approximately to the British designation “Sir”, denoting a Knight.  It […]

Meow you executing, cat enthusiasts? We have acquired something purr-fect just for you! Leandro Francisca is here with his charming cat artworks that will soften your furry hearts. In this week’s On The Spot, the Brazilian illustrator tells us far more about his feline inspirations, his beloved cat Pudim, and […]

Care to join the Danse Macabre? It is dim, ghastly, and nevertheless unusually uplifting. Though she’s locked in a Fatal Embrace, the woman doesn’t look at all fearful of her morbid companion. Seems like concern has lengthy provided way to hope, serenity, and calming acceptance. Like or not, this is Anato […]