Anselm Kiefer is preoccupied with the Holocaust and the legacy of the Nazis. Working on a grand scale, and engaging with symbols of Nazi grandiosity, he grapples with a subject to which many of his critics respond by citing Theodor Adorno’s well-known statement, “To write a poem after Auschwitz is […]

As a painter, sometimes the market for your work can be limited. That’s particularly true if you work on a large scale or attach a high price to your art. One way to expand your market is to create prints of your artwork. In fact, art reproductions are the fastest-growing […]

Cimabue, Christ Mocked, c. 1280 This post has nothing to do with the art of medieval Hungary, but the information presented below is so fascinating that I decided to create a small post about it. New started circulating this week about the discovery of some spectacular medieval paintings, which had […]