If you want to learn how to do it correctly, you would be wise to study from a master. When it comes to stencil art on the street, this is a brilliant place to begin. C215 – The Stencil Graffiti Manual. Schiffer Publishing 2022 The Paris-based stencil artist C215 learned […]

Nope, there’s no typo. This paper is called the Fabriano Black Black. According to Fabriano: Fabriano Black Black is a range of uncoated cardboards made of ECF cellulose pulp. This paper is characterized by a very deep black colour due to the high quality and lightfast pigments used for its […]

The holiday season is here and it’s a good time to find a Christmas-themed project to work on. I’ve got one for you, and I’m calling it The Twelve Pages of Christmas. I often save tags from Christmas presents, pieces of pretty wrapping paper, or greeting cards. I’ve got a […]

The Other Art Fair November 28, 2022Posted by Toni Hodges Whether it’s your first time at The Other Art Fair, or you’re one of our regulars, we like to keep things fresh. That means an ever-changing line-up of talent, and over 140 new names to discover each time you visit. […]

NFTs have completely upended the way that the world—including students and spectators, artists and collectors—is able to consume art. The internet has made it possible for anyone with an internet connection to create and connect with an audience. With smart contracts, creators can now monetize these connections, collectors can be […]

 Animation Music #apocalypse #machines #music video #video December 13, 2022 Grace Ebert  Ashy lava oozing over the landscape, flames ripping through piles of mechanical waste, and debris floating through a thick, smokey haze shroud an animated music video for Woodkid in an eerie, post-apocalyptic ambiguity. Directed by Saad Moosajee and produced by […]