Spoke Art is ecstatic to be announcing our next exhibition in San Francisco, artist Bruce White‘s ICONS. Equipped with a fresh crop of velvet canvases, Bruce has created a collection of iconic portraits featuring champions of humanity and inclusivity.  From pop culture giants to politicians fighting for positive change, this exhibition […]

Last week in the Collage Art Collective, I asked this question: What is it about collage that inspires you? Of the many responses I received, several mentioned their love of the “thrill of the hunt”, looking to add interesting papers to their collection, and then using those papers to create a different and […]

I was manning a booth at an antiques show in Denver many years ago when a man came in, carrying a manila envelope from which he removed a photograph of a painting.  “I’ve got a Winslow Homer that I want to sell,” he informed me. I was always interested in […]

Spoke Art is thrilled to announce our next pop-up exhibition, artist Tim Doyle‘s UnReal Estate X. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re heading to Tim’s hometown of Austin, TX to host this incredibly special collection. Featuring all-new original artwork and limited edition screen prints that capture homes, dwellings, lairs and more landmarks from film, television, […]

Who are you and what do you do? Hi! My name is Whitney and I create sewn abstract art. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my husband and our almost 4-year-old daughter. My background is rooted in fashion design with a focus on bridal. After graduating from […]

Almost a decade ago, Roberta and I were walking through Grand Central Terminal in New York when we heard exuberant, vaguely African dance music.  We followed the sound and came upon a group of dancers wearing elaborate horse costumes and executing precisely choreographed movements. Nick Cave, Heard-NY, Grand Central Terminal, […]

For the first time in the existence of my online shop, I am going to be having an end-of-the-year sale, for two seeks in November! This is definitely big news. I typically don’t discount any of my materials but I’ve decided to this year because: I want to promote my […]