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Cenée, a visual poem about non-binary gender

“A poetic evidence that gender has not constantly been an concern.” Movie Path & Images by Alejandro BORJAS DUNCAN. Versions are Nathan Peron, Elea Bujosa, Pauline Painchault, Emett Suzie Moneze, Lisa Leroux, Brenda Oliveros.

«Cenée» is a visual poem whose tale is motivated by a Greek fantasy and its summary type has been affected by the visible novel «The Cage», published by Martin Vaughn-James in 2002. Its objective is to instruct us a person point: gender was not an problem in Ancient Greece and the strategy of id is additional fluid than what we even want to acknowledge.”

“I feel

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CT’s film tax credit has bolstered the state’s film and digital media industry. An official is calling for cutbacks.

Division of Financial and Community Development Commissioner David Lehman known as on condition lawmakers Thursday to think about capping or minimizing Connecticut’s tax incentives for film, television and digital media creation — packages that have drawn criticism for a long time from advocates who say the money would be superior spent elsewhere.

Talking at a joint listening to of a few legislative committees to focus on his department’s 2021 Annual Report, Lehman highlighted professionals and drawbacks of numerous of the state’s business enterprise incentive courses. But he known as specific awareness to the film and digital media tax credits, declaring … Read More

Peter Fetterman on His Hollywood Tale, New Book ‘Power of Photography’

Santa Monica photograph gallerist Peter Fetterman readily admits what so many who have worked in Hollywood would not: He was a failed producer.

“I’m liable for one particular of the worst videos at any time created in the historical past of cinema,” cracks Fetterman, referring to the 1982 box office bomb “Yes, Giorgio,” starring Luciano Pavarotti. “It was the ‘Heaven’s Gate’ of musicals.” A 12 months previously, following meeting Pavarotti, Fetterman pitched the concept of earning a motion picture with the world’s greatest opera star to then-MGM main David Begelman, who agreed that it would be a huge hit. They

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Kyle Holbrook works to bring people together through art

He’s an artist collecting hundreds of youth to aid paint a big mural at the previous Store n’ Help save in the Hill District.Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 talked with Kyle Holbrook in this week’s Community Champion.He’s an intercontinental artist and founder of Shifting the Lives of Children Local community Mural Job.Holbrook says ideas are underway to create the largest mural in the history of Pittsburgh, identified as the PGH Art Park. Salem’s Market place and Grill will provide as the backdrop for the project in the Hill District on Centre Avenue.Holbrook is the artist creating the layout template. He suggests … Read More