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You want to create a beautiful, exciting experience for the art buyer. Consider doing a live painting demo in a place where you are selling your art in person. Consider how you wrap and package the art that they buy: make it an artful experience with beautiful paper and ribbons! Include your business card or a postcard showing you and your work.

4. Get the Word Out

Your marketing messages are going to be joining a cacophony of other marketing messages. Everyone and their sister will be urging your prospective buyers to buy, buy, buy. It’s hard to rise above the noise! The only way to do it is to make a solid plan for getting the word out multiple ways and many, many times. This can feel uncomfortable, but I urge you to get over it and stay committed.

Trumpet your offerings on social media, Pinterest, and your email newsletter. Not just once—again and again. Think about getting some media exposure—anything from your church bulletin to the local paper. Think of all of the communities you are part of, and find a way to let that community know about your offerings.

Make Your Marketing Plan and Follow It

Create a written plan for marketing your holiday art offerings. Decide on your pricing strategies and marketing messaging. Make a marketing calendar for all of your activities, from social media posts to live events. Lastly, keep a running list of lessons learned and ideas for next year. Remember that this is a learning experience! I’ve honed my holiday sales strategy again and again as I try new things every year. When one avenue doesn’t work out, I remind myself that it’s valuable data for next year’s holiday season.

And if you’re looking for an affordable art offering for the holidays (or a homerun gift that you can create for your loved ones), be sure to check out my limited-time holiday ornament DIY guide. It will lead you by the hand from sourcing your supplies through painting your one-of-a-kind ornaments to adding a ribbon for hanging!

Angelia S. Rico

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