Share: by Cynthia Close The early Italian Renaissance painter Fra Angelico (1395-1455) is considered one of the giants in the evolution of European art history. His life was surprisingly well-documented. Giorgio Vasari (1511-1574), another great Renaissance Master and art historian, declared Fra Angelico to be “a rare and perfect talent.” […]

The Damage of “Practice Makes Perfect” From childhood onward, we’re constantly told that “practice makes perfect.” These three simple words cause us to strive for perfection as a final product. We repeat this mantra to ourselves, hoping that someday, after hours and hours of work, we’ll reach that pinnacle and […]

Share: by Cynthia Close This year, Hanukkah, the eight-day Jewish Festival of Lights, begins on December 18th and ends on December 26th. The artist most closely identified with Jewish folk culture is the long-lived Russian born Modernist Marc Chagall (1887-1985). His religion-inspired artworks visualize the soul of Jewish identity. Noted art […]