He Makes Spheres | David Andersen | Episode 805

David Andersen | Episode 805

David Andersen is a ceramicist who has a a preference towards hand building and even more specifically building ceramic spheres. Earth, water, fire, and air are the foundation of David’s handbuilt ceramic spheres which are intricately formed, carved, and glazed.


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What’s one thing about your work that you wished people would understand about it?

That it is a way for me to live my life and to have an expression that essentially rejects the corporate world. I can sit with the piece and just do the piece as long as I want to with it. I’m not worried about the bottom line.

What were some of the biggest challenges you had to overcome to make spheres?

Establishing balance throughout the 360 degrees.

What kind of doors have you seen this new endeavor open as a result?

Well it’s opened a lot of relationships. It’s opened me up to a lot of young people which has made me optimistic for our future. To me being around the college and being around young people has just been one of the doors that I have probably appreciated the most.

What is your biggest motivation for being a creative now?

I like to do things in a niche. Do things, you know, people would say perhaps that takes too much time.

Writers get writers block. Do you ever get makers block?

Oh, absolutely. What do they call it? Imposter syndrome. The worst critic and that brings me to Steven Pressfield who wrote the book, The War of Art. I have listened to it 3 or 4 times.  In it he teaches you are a professional when you decide you are going to sit down and do it everyday.

What makes you excited in the studio right now?

My dragon sphere! (laughter) And the ironic thing about it is I am mostly into a meditative type of sacred geometry type of thing. I had a friend that suggest I do a dragon and it has just challenged me to death  because first of all it’s not symmetrical on a  sphere unless I did a two-headed dragon and so it’s really challenging to push my boundaries because I don’t move forward until it feels right. It has to feel right and it’s finally feeling right.


The War of Art by Steven Pressfield


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