Inaugural Downtown Erie Sculpture Walk takes shape

  • Announced earlier this year, the Downtown Erie Sculpture Walk will feature 13 works to be on display through 2023
  • Installation of the works will take place through early July
  • Two of the artists are from Erie County: Fredy Huaman Mallqui and D.W. Martin

Fredy Huaman Mallqui’s art is about connections.

Sources of inspiration for the Erie sculptor, a native of Peru, include yarn and thread as he explores how people and communities become linked.

Huaman Mallqui’s latest work is “Together,” a 1,000-pound sculpture of three wooden spheres, two made of white pine and the third of catalpa.

When the installation is complete, the two larger spheres will be side by side and the smallest sphere will be on top of them.

The finished “Together” could appear to resemble three huge interconnected balls of yarn sitting on a base 3 feet from the ground.

For Huaman Mallqui, the spheres reflect the threads of human lives as individual strands joined and intertwined with a larger community.

“They are threads,” Huaman Mallqui said. “They are connected. I like connections. I like interactions.”

Huaman Mallqui’s interaction with the public in Erie is about to grow with “Together.”

Artist Fredy Huaman Mallqui works on his sculpture "Together" on Wednesday, in the driveway of his Erie home. The piece is one of 13 selected for the new Downtown Erie Sculpture Walk, with works to be installed through early July.

It is one of 13 artworks chosen to be part of the inaugural Downtown Erie Sculpture Walk, a project of the Erie Arts & Culture and the Erie Downtown Development Corp.

“Together,” which will be treated with oils to guard against the weather, is to be installed at location to be determined, possibly around Peach and West Sixth streets, Malqui said.

“It was a huge thing for me,” Huaman Mallqui said of having his work chosen for the walk. “I feel proud of my work. I am proud to be an artist based in Erie.”

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