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Kate M. Ransom

A new year is upon us – what it will bring?

The past few brought unexpected circumstances. The world reeled to meet public health challenges. Social strife reached a new pitch. Discourse became shrill, and the divide seemed to deepen. Many of us wonder how we will find middle ground.

What do arts and education have to do with that?

Arts and education organizations live out objectives and purposes that unify, encouraging people to THINK, to FEEL, to SEE, to LISTEN — learn about the past and envision the future. They challenge us to acknowledge differences and celebrate diversity — a window on the vast melting pot of the world.

The arts show us that blending cultural influences can delight, surprise and move us.

A music therapy class offered by The Music School of Delaware.

Like so many creative musical minds, Lin Manuel Miranda, for example, showed us that combined styles from many cultures can be exquisite, as can the expression of distinct, individual cultural styles. Diverse “languages” in unified chorus yield a new voice in the world, and of the world.

Presently, we are called to THINK, FEEL, SEE, LISTEN and SHARE. At The Music School of Delaware, we advance our mission that for nearly a century has been MUSIC for EVERYONE. This tenet hails from 1923, when civic leaders and community members brought the organization to life to be accessible to all. Financial aid scholarships and inclusive community ensembles date back to the earliest years.

Angelia S. Rico

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