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A major form of entertainment across the world is the watching of movies and series. Movies and series are usually created with the aim of entertaining individuals. It also helps that there are many genres of movies and series. Hence, if an individual does not like a particular genre, he is likely to like another. He would be able to find several movies and series in that genre that he would enjoy.

In the past, people mostly bought CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray of their favorite movies and series, which they later watch at home. Today, streaming platforms are taking over. Streaming platforms allow people to watch movies and series on their Internet-enabled devices such as phones, laptops, and smart televisions. With the increasing popularity of platforms for streaming movies and tv shows such as Philo, you might want to register on such platforms. Here are some tips for choosing a platform for streaming series and movies.

Genre of movies

There are many genres of movies and not every streaming platform show every genre. Some platforms could be dedicated to just a few genres just like others claim to have movies of every genre. You would want to be sure that whatever platform you want to register on shows all the genres of your interest. You do not have to subscribe to multiple platforms to enjoy all your genres. If you are only interested in sports, you could subscribe to a sports platform once you are sure they show all the leagues and matches that you would be interested in. However, it won’t be a bad idea to subscribe to channels that show everything you are interested in and other genres as well. You could sometimes have a guest you want to entertain who might want a different genre from what you are normally interested in. They should be able to get their favorite genre to watch in your subscription.

On-Demand Videos

On-Demand videos mean that as opposed to cable subscriptions where there are chances of missing your favorite programs, subscription platforms provides you with the opportunity to enjoy any movie you want to watch at any time as long as it is available on their platform. You don’t have to force yourself to sit before your television at a particular time every day or every week to watch your favorite series. This is one of the advantages that streaming platforms brought with them: the opportunity to be able to watch any movie at your own time without even having to press a record button on your cable decoder.


Subscription platforms should allow you to make just one payment for subscribing and once you have subscribed you should be able to watch every movie that falls within the plan that you have subscribed for. You do not have to pay especially for certain movies, especially if you are subscribed to the highest plan you have available.

The importance of online reviews while choosing a streaming platform

With online reviews, you would be able to get information from other users about the streaming platform. What type of genre do they have available? Are they the same with the genres they claim to have available? What your subscription payment would cover? You will get the answers to all of these questions and more by reading reviews.

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