Topeka residents asked to fill out ArtsConnect arts and culture survey

What is iconic about Topeka? What are the city’s best-kept secrets? What is special and memorable about Topeka?

Those are just a few of the questions ArtsConnect is asking in a recently released arts and culture survey.

The survey will help the arts organization develop a plan aimed at offering creative solutions to strategic planning and give artists a seat at the table.

The survey, which can be found at, will be available until July 18.

Sarah Fizell, executive director of ArtsConnect, said the creative plan isn’t meant to replace such existing plans as Momentum 2022 or the downtown master plan.

Instead, it will complement and offer solutions to ideas within those plans.

The arts and culture plan will create a pathway for Topeka’s arts and culture sector to continue growing.

“The purpose is really to make sure we put the arts first,” Fizell said.

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ArtsConnect survey will result in creative solutions

A greetings from Topeka mural welcomes visitors to Redbud Park in the NOTO Arts and Entertainment District.

For example, the downtown master plan has multiple mentions of creativity, murals and vibrancy. The arts and culture plan could offer creative solutions, give artists leadership roles and develop projects that allow the downtown plan to complete its arts-related goals.

The arts and culture plan should be able to speak to who Topeka’s residents are and share the stories they want to tell, Fizell said.

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