Yonkers BIPOC artists work displayed in Sarah Lawrence College exhibit

For Haifa Bint-Kadi, creating art has served as way to explore her identity as the daughter of refugees and as a mixed-race person in America.

For Evan Bishop, it helped his voice be heard in the emergence of hip-hop culture and allowed him to focus on service.

And through art, Katori Walker found self healing from the trauma of being raped when she was younger.

All three Yonkers-based artists’ work is featured in the exhibit Rooted: A Community Archive Project at Sarah Lawrence College’s Esther Raushenbush Library. The exhibit is free to the public and runs through Dec. 17.

“The goal of this exhibit is really community archiving. I think communities change and evolve over time, but also we change and evolve over time,” said Kishauna Soljour, a Mellon Public Humanities Fellow and history professor, who curated the exhibit.

“Each of the artists are engaging the community, capturing places before they either disappear,” or have already, Soljour said.

Rooted: A Community Archive Project at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers Nov. 9, 2021. Artists Evan Bishop, Katori Walker, Haifa Bint-Kadi and curator Dr. Kishauna Siljour.

Through sculptures, paintings and assemblages, Bindt-Kadi explores both parts of her culture — her parents came to the U.S. from Palestine and the Bahamas — and what it was like to inherit the things that come with a culture in diaspora.

“Not being seen, not being heard, not really understanding who you are when you don’t see yourself in the culture around you,” Bindt-Kadi said.

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