arts and culture editor Emily McCarthy says goodbye

When I first walked into the Strozier study room in December 2018, I did not know what to think. It was like “The Breakfast Club” in that room, the few ragtag writers of the arts and culture section. Little did I know at that point in my life, at only 19 that walking into that small, pencil-graffitied room would be the beginning of the rest of my life.

I made my way up the food chain of the paper quickly even though I had zero experience in arts and culture (except my questionable years in high school theatre) or writing (except my years of writing papers in high school) during my time in the AICE program. By the end of my freshman year and several published articles later, I’m promoted to the arts and culture deputy editor alongside editor Nellie Zucker, who would soon become my inspiration with her witty remarks and cool girl aura. Following Nellie’s graduation in December 2019, I became the youngest editor on staff — the only sophomore on the editorial team. Despite my youth and only a year of experience in the realm of print media, I was ready to shake things up. 

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