About Karolina Pietrzyk

Graphic designer Karolina Pietrzyk is a 2015 graduate of the Academy of Art and Style in Wrocław (Graphic Design and style College, MA). She has given that then developed a sturdy exercise planning posters for exhibitions, tunes, and style festivals. Her operate improves geometric and abstract styles. Also, shades fade into linear types to produce a suggestive combination of scenes.

Pietrzyk’s layouts are a alternative of models that sign up for hands, a sequence of sorts to deliver an sudden consistency onto a surface area.

Karolina’s price finds its finest in this mission, making an exceptional set of tones and genres that talk correctly. Karolina Pietrzyk doesn’t look to be bothered by the destructive place. Rather the contrary she sees it as an evident and physical ingredient: the unfavorable area strongly cooperates with the good results of her final vision. Karolina also demonstrates outstanding usability of sort, which she utilised in a visually arresting way without compromising on readability.

Her posters and layouts are powerful and potent, courageous and daring.
Karolina Pietrzyk life in Poland and is usually looking for commissions or collaborations!

To know additional about her work, click on in this article.


karolina pietrzyk

(Visuals courtesy of the artist).

Angelia S. Rico

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