More transparency is needed on new Charlotte arts and culture job

Arts funding

Regarding “Search for city arts, culture officer brings big response,” (Aug. 2):

Why would Charlotte hire an arts and culture officer at a six-figure salary? What is wrong with the Arts & Science Council? The ASC says it is disappointed that Charlotte created this position without public input from the creative arts community or the ASC. I agree.

The concept sounds good. The person hired would build grassroots support for the arts across the community. But doesn’t the ASC do this?

I would like a little more transparency in the thinking behind needing such a position.

Augie Beasley, Charlotte

Augie Beasley

Augie Beasley

CMS and masks

Regarding “CMS board votes to require masks for students, staff when classes resume next month,” (Aug. 2):.

An unidentified woman was holding up a sign at the CMS board meeting that said “Don’t mask my freedom.”

It’s those who refuse to wear masks who are taking away my freedom to be healthy at school and in public places.

Something as simple as wearing a mask significantly reduces the odds of transmitting a deadly disease. How many children are mask refusers willing to subject to possible hospitalization, long-term COVID side effects, or possible death? Is their freedom worth one death? Five? Thirty?

Masks are not muzzles. Masks and vaccinations are our pathway to a healthy freedom.

Deb Park, Charlotte

 Deb Park

Deb Park

Eviction ban

Regarding “Biden’s new evictions moratorium faces legality doubts,” (Aug. 5) and related articles:

The CDC’s evictions moratorium won’t hold up in court. The White House has certainly exceeded the limits of its power on this one. Private property rights and ownership are the cornerstone that made America the country it is.

Former President Barack Obama’s “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone” phrase seems to be the marching orders of the day for the Democrats. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party are riding a bad motor scooter on this issue.

Jim Cherry, Charlotte

Medical workers

Why should a person seeking medical attention risk their safety by going to and being seen by medical staff that are not vaccinated? If the medical staff is not taking the effort to protect themselves, how do you know they are treating you safely? The CDC should mandate COVID vaccines for medical staff.

Airlines should stop all passengers from flying who cannot prove they are vaccinated. Better yet, give me the option of flying on a plane filled with vaccinated passengers whose status has been verified by a health department. I’ll pay extra for that option!

Paul Barrett, Monroe

Vaccine refusal

Those choosing not to be vaccinated against COVID should pay much higher insurance premiums, the same way some insurance carriers charge smokers more. The exception would be those whose medical condition contraindicates a vaccine.

People have every right not get vaccinated. Although I have been vaccinated, I fully respect others’ right to make a different decision, but they do not have a right to expect me to pay for their care if they get COVID.

Unless those refusing the vaccine pay more for insurance, their care will raise everyone’s premiums. If they want to practice rugged self-reliance, that’s their choice, but they need to be self-reliant when it comes to paying for that choice, too.,

Barry Gilberg, Charlotte

Placing blame

Leonard Pitts’ op-ed about treating the unvaccinated as a “menace” (Aug. 2) is a display of the fraying of the social fabric in American society that treats the problem as a failure of individuals.

We also need to be critical of federal organizations like the CDC which has given guidance not in accordance with the World Health Organization and blame those who allowed an eviction moratorium to expire on July 31, despite knowing that evictions are increasing COVID-19 among the vulnerable.

Let’s not forget that the U.S. also was slow to lift vaccine patent restrictions to countries in the global South like India, where the delta variant developed.

The blame in this is not horizontal. That’s punching down; it’s time to punch up.

Tom Pontecorvo, Charlotte

Angelia S. Rico

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