Past meets present: QR codes in castle museums

Historical structures such as castle museums attract guests and visitors from near and far. People go to these sites to learn about history and culture and marvel at the wondrous architectural feats.

Suppose you manage a museum or an art gallery. In that case, you must consider how to enhance the visiting experience of guests and museumgoers.

You also must ensure their safety so they can still enjoy the tour without risking their health.

Today, museums can integrate QR codes with the best free QR code generator online to improve their services.

Here are some ways QR codes can fit in a historic structure such as a castle museum.

Benefits of QR codes in Castle Museums

1. Quick access to information

When you visit a historical place, you learn and appreciate its classics. And to provide accurate and complete details, you can use QR codes on the artifacts.

You can make visiting experiences unforgettable by creating a file QR code.

It will then show guests an educational video, an infographic, or an audio file that will provide them with the piece’s details.

Put a QR code exhibition inside the castle museum so the visitors can access information through their smartphones by scanning the QR codes you display.

2. Use social media to attract more customers

On Halloween 2016, the Museum of Modern Art posted a pumpkin carved with Pablo Picasso’s “Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon” on Instagram and Facebook.

The photo reached almost 50,000 likes on both platforms. This post helped them attract more followers and encourage more people to visit the museum.

Social media can help you promote historical sites, especially if you have many followers. You can boost your social following with an all-in-one social media QR code.

This dynamic QR code can contain multiple social handles and display them on a single landing page. This makes it easier for people to like, follow, and subscribe to your official pages.

Visitors can then quickly check your social media posts to stay updated with the latest exhibits, new collections, and important announcements.

3. Easy access to the location

Going to a historical site can be difficult if people don’t know its exact location, especially on their first visit.

You can use a QR code to make it simple for them to find the location.

You can create a QR code containing the site’s Google Map address link. You can post the QR code on social media and posters so people can quickly scan for the address.

4. You can listen to your visitors

Gathering feedback from visitors allows museums to determine where to improve. To do that, they use physical survey forms for guests to write on.

But there’s a better, faster, and more convenient way to do that — online digital forms. You can create one using online tools such as Google Forms and Microsoft Forms.

Create QR codes for guest feedback, where they can leave comments and suggestions on the exhibit after scanning the QR code.

5. Promote your website

Digital tours, presentations, and exhibits are offered by museums all over the globe. These offerings make it possible to take visitors located at far distances on a virtual journey around the museum.

You can create a website QR code that would redirect scanners to your website. This way, people over great distances can still learn and experience viewing the museum on a digital tour.

This is the reason why it is so crucial for a museum to have a strong website; not only will it raise traffic, but it will also keep the audience engaged.

Elevate visitors’ castle museum experience with QR codes

Going to museums offers several benefits, one being the opportunity to discover the heritage left by ancient civilizations.

QR codes can help create a more meaningful, entertaining, and informational experience for the guests.

These tools can connect a visitor to a web page, audio-visual material, or other digital files that can provide guests further information about a physical piece.

Go with the trend and incorporate various QR code solutions with the most advanced QR code generator with logo software.

Angelia S. Rico

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